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Sembradores de Amistad was founded in 1936, during the government of Gen. Lazaro Cardenas. The Rotary Club of Monterrey sought to have the American Ambassador, Mr. Morrow, reprimanded for his open support for the Cardenas regime and his interference in Mexican affairs. The club asked Rotary headquartes in the United States for their help. When the Rotary refused to help, the Monterrey chapter, together with other chapters throughout the Republic, voted to dissolve themselves. Shortly afterward, several of the former Rotarians began to consider the formation of a new organization.

On July 9th, 1936, Club Sembradores de Amistad "Sowers of Friendship" was formally inaugurated. Among the people instrumental in the founding were Dr. Augustin Basave Fernandez del Valle, Lic. Virgilio Garza, Luis Sada, and Ing. Bernardo Elosua.

From the beginning, Sembradores has sought to foster the ideals of individual rights, service to society, and love of country. Most importantly, Sembradores, as its name suggests, has encouraged the development of friendship between individuals, peoples, and nations, a tradition which continues today in 50 chapters throughout the United States and Mexico.

Sembradores de Amistad de Corpus Christi, Texas Inc. was organized on September 17, 1975, by the Asociacion Internacional de Clubes de Sembradores de Amistad, with headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico.

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