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The Philosophy and Ideal that Sembradores de Amistad have made theirs is presented as follows:


a).- Man- substantial unit of body and spirit-has a higher value over the irrational world. His eminent dignity does not allow him to be reduced to a means for serving foreign objectives than his personal destiny. The person's fundamental rights: the right to live and body integrity; the right to freedom and safety;the right to strive towards the ultimate goal of salvation; the right of ownership and its correct use; the right of association; are natural rights, imprescriptible and inalienable.

b).-The family, source of life and education, is an institution emerging directly from nature, that has to be stimulated and supported in its unity, stability and prosperity. It is the parents' duty, in the first place, the right and duty to provide physical, intellectual, moral and religious education to the children. School supplements and provides, with their teachings, the parents work; but shall never suppress their natural rights.


a).- "Fostering sincere frienship among its members, maintaining and developing true fellowship, the one where goodwill and harmony prevail, with common ideals, principles, and values, and where a friend's sorrow and joy become our own.

b).- Inculcate in the Sembrador the idea that he must try to be a live example of equity and kindness. Strive for strict ethics, both in business practices and the exercise of his profession as well as in private life. Be encouraged to terminate dishonest activities, illicit earnings and anything that diminishes personal decorum and the moral environment in society.

c).- Encourage private initiative, creator and distributor of wealth in products and services, so that they may provide an attainable wellbeing for all the members of the community. Promoting, by all means possible, the idea that it is the private initiative the one responsible, in great part, for progress and the ones who attack it conspire against the community's wellbeing.

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